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Fort Telecom Company

Fort Telecom is a leading developer and supplier of fleet management software, hardware, ERA-GLONASS and eCall solutions, both in Russia and internationally.

Fort Telecom was founded in 2007, when it launched its first vehicle tracking devices, Fort-200 and Fort-300, and : Fort Monitor fleet management software.

Today we produce a wide range of tracking devices to meet various needs of our customers. Fort Monitor software is regularly updated to ensure effective fleet management.

In 2010 Fort Telecom joined the Russian eCall ERA-GLONASS project as a leading equipment developer and manufacturer. We conduct regular tests and work closely with car manufacturers, helping to integrate new vehicles into the project.

Another area of our activity is design and production of equipment for the construction of unmanned IP video surveillance networks under TFortis brand.

Fort Telecom is based in Perm (Russia) and sells its products in most regions of Russia and abroad

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