Solutions presented on this page were created directly for users’ specific tasks and are
applied at enterprises throughout Russia and CIS countries.

The Fort Monitor system combines capabilities of on-board equipment and software, thus enabling the implementation of a range of industry solutions for different industries.

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Implemented projects

Thanks to the introduction of a vehicle monitoring system, the customer fully controls the transportation of employees: in a timely manner, receives information about the vehicle location, time spent on transportation, has the ability to create route sheets and retransmit the data to the transport service store.

Number of connected objects: 31 pcs.

The system monitors the vehicle movement, reduces fuel and equipment maintenance costs, as well as solves a number of specialized tasks for the agricultural enterprise.

Number of connected objects: 30 pcs.

The system allows monitoring the vehicle movement, reducing fuel costs, optimizing routes and logistics processes, as well as solving special tasks for the agro-industrial enterprise.

Number of connected objects: 120 pcs.

Thanks to the Fort Monitor system, company’s fuel costs decreased by 30%. The management also has the ability to compile and monitor vehicle routes, which ensures the prompt delivery of construction materials to facilities and prevents deviations from the specified route.

Number of connected objects: 150 pcs.

The system allows controlling train movement along routes, calculating hours of operation and parking, monitoring fuel consumption, preventing unauthorized draining and tracking the volume and time of refueling.

Number of connected objects: 10 pcs.

The system allows competently creating logistics processes, reducing fuel costs and excluding deviations from the route.

Number of connected objects: 20 pcs.

Navigation platforms of Russia and other emergency operational services of the Kirov region are united for testing the operation of the transport monitoring subsystem as part of the 112 system on the base of Fort Monitor software. The created system allows controlling the movement of emergency services special vehicles and increases the responsiveness in the event of emergency.

Number of connected objects: 117 pcs.

Thanks to the monitoring system, management receives information online on movements of official vehicles, controls drivers operation, has the ability to optimize fuel and vehicle maintenance costs not on the basis of regulatory recommendations, but on a real data.

Number of connected objects: 160 pcs.

The system allows controlling the time spent on transporting employees, creating route sheets, as well as retransmiting data to the transport service store.

Number of connected objects: 250 pcs.

The system monitors vehicle movements, reduces fuel costs, optimizes routes and logistics processes, as well as solves special tasks for the agro-industrial enterprise: area control of processed regions, compliance with the speed regime, identification of trailed equipment and additional tools, control of missing sections of the field during its processing.

Number of connected objects: 300 pcs.

RNIS Volgograd region deployed based on Fort Monitor software allows real-time monitoring of vehicles, compiling industry reports, keeping records on fuel consumption, promptly responding to incidents and assessing the situation from photographs. An information system for public authorities was developed based on Fort Monitor for facilitating document circulation and competent organization of documents.

Number of connected objects: 754 pcs.

Data from all school buses equipped with navigation equipment are retransmitted to the Ministry of Education using Fort Monitor software. The system allows the Ministry of Education, GIBDD and RONO, to monitor the movement of buses, prompt respond to emergencies and protect vehicles from theft and robbery attacks.

Number of connected objects: 1200 pcs.

The administration of the biggest ambulance station in Yekaterinburg (Russia) decided to equip its ambulances with FORT tracking devices and implement an automatic fleet management system.

Number of connected objects: 125

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