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Fort-112 EG is a standard device used by carmakers, that complies with the requirements of ERA-GLONASS, the Russian eCall system.

Fort-112 EG device determines the position and direction of the vehicle, transfers data in case of emergency and provides two-way speech communication between the motorist and PSAP operator. The device has extra functions of remote control, protection and management of the vehicle.

The unit is supplied with a cord for connecting external devices, a user interface unit and a speaker.

Features FORT-112 EG

  • Receives/transmits radio signals in GSM/UMTS-networks
  • Collects telemetric data from sensors
  • Collects data from the vehicle CAN bus
  • Receives/transmits voice data
  • Receives signals from GLONASS and/or GPS satellites to determine the position of the vehicle
  • Automatically detects road accidents
  • Emergency calls in automatic and manual mode
  • Transfers the minimum data set to the emergency center
  • Transfers data about the location, position and condition of the vehicle via GSM/UMTS network to the server
  • Remote control of the vehicle
  • Additional service functions
  • Self-diagnostic function
  • Operation with EGTS protocol
  • Operation in 3G networks, compliance with ERA-GLONASS requirements
  • Separate compartment for the backup battery
  • Possibility to connect a camera with IR illumination
  • SD card up to 32 GB
  • Built-in system for automatic stops announcement
  • Connection of up to 8 fuel level sensors
  • Connection of digital temperature sensors (1-Wire interface)
  • Collects data from the vehicle CAN bus
  • Driver identification by IButton key and RFID cards

Technical parameters


  • 72 Tracking Channels
  • Cold and warm start time – 26s
  • Hot start time — 1s
  • Navigation accuracy — 2m

Operation in GSM networks

  • GSM  900/1800MHz
  • UMTS  900/2100 MHz
  • GSM900 Class 4 transmitter power (+ 33dBm ± 2dB)
  • GSM1800 Class 1 transmitter power (+ 30dBm ± 2dB)
  • UMTS900/2100 Class 3 transmitter power (+ 24dBm ± 1/-3dB)
  • Voice communication
  • SMS messaging
  • Data transfer
  • Main transmission channel in ERA mode is the in-band modem in the voice channel

SIM-card holder

  • 1 + built-in SIM chip with multi-profile identification module (installed by the manufacturer)

Antenna type (GSM GPS/GLONASS)

  • External

Computer interface

  • USB 2.0

Internal non-volatile memory

  • 16 MB

«Black box» size

  • 150,000 records

Digital inputs

  • 4 universal inputs with pulse count function
  • 1 input for connection to ignition

Analog-digital inputs

  • 1 input with operating range from 0 to 15V
  • 1 input with operating range from 0 to 30V

Digital output

  • 3 universal outputs
  • 1 LED control output


  • RS-485
  • CAN

Connection of communication devices

  • yes

Connection to camera

  • no

Stops announcement function

  • no

Supply voltage

  • 8 to 40 V

Built-in battery

  • Ni-MH
  • Capacity – 550 mA h
  • Rated voltage – 3.6 V
  • Service life – at least 5 years
  • Service life – at least 1000 charge/discharge cycles

Temperature Range

  • – 40 to +85°С


  • 300 g


  • 116 х 130.4 х 30.2 mm

Supported data transfer protocols

  • LLS fuel level sensor protocol and others compatible with it via RS-485 interface
  • BioSmart-E-T Biometric Fingerprint Reader protocol (fingerprint scanner)
  • J1939 (FMS) protocol to transfer messages to the CAN bus
  • Communication with CAN log

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