Mobile app and process automation: Fort Monitor finished 2018 with a major update 3.11

Date of publication: 23.01.2019

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Fort Monitor 3.11 includes a mobile version designed for tablets and smartphones as well as automatic tools for building reports.

Mobile app

Simple, convenient and functional – these are the principles underlying Fort Monitor software. Our new mobile app meets all these requirements (Figure 1) and allows you to work anywhere in the world using just a smartphone. The app has all the functions of the desktop version: you can see the status of the vehicle and connected sensors, its location on the map, tracks in the requested period, you can build routes and reports and get push notifications.

Figure 1: Fort Monitor mobile application interface.

After updating the software to version 3.11, all Fort Monitor users (both Fort Monitor Hosting and Fort Monitor Vendor) will be able to use the full functionality of the mobile application.

You can install the application on devices running on Android and iOS:

Object editing page update

The desktop version has an updated object editing page: its interface is now more user-friendly (Figures 2, 3).

Figure 2: Previous version of the editing page.

Figure 3: New version of the editing page.

Now all the required parameters are located in a single window and represented as blocks. In addition, the page has become adaptive to ensure correct display of the website on all devices and adjust to the size of the browser window.

Another improvement is updated functionality of the section: now users do not need to refresh the page when adding objects, which saves time significantly.

Automatic report building

In the previous versions, Fort Monitor users had to work with report constructor directly in the system interface.

Now Fort Monitor report constructor can create templates with automatic e-mailing: you can configure the time and other parameters of report e-mailing (Figure 4).

Figure 4: Automatic report building.

Fort Monitor version 3.11 has new options that simplify processing of the received data. In 2019, the developers plan to focus on the functional component — new features and applications of Fort Monitor.


Fort Telecom is a leading provider of M2M technologies and solutions. We develop and manufacture GLONASS/GPS fleet management systems under the trademarks FORT and FortMonitor and the equipment for ERA-GLONASS/eCall projects in Russia and worldwide (

Fort Telecom also develops and manufactures unique equipment for building unmanned IP video surveillance networks under the trademark TFortis ( TFortis equipment is used in Russia, the CIS, Europe, Turkey, the Gulf Region and a number of other regions.

Fort Telecom has an extensive dealer network, both in Russia and abroad, and is present in the market since 2007. The company is based in Perm (Russia)

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